Additional Information On Our Services

As a stand-alone service, we can offer an Electrostatic Antiviral Disinfection using the highest hospital-grade disinfectant
that Kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including Coronavirus within 5 minutes of contact.  Food safe, eco-friendly, and suitable for use around IT equipment, this disinfectant is charged on exiting the device,  wrapping around it's targeted surface,  resulting in 360-degree coverage. We can provide 'before and after' test swabs, verifying our application has been successful, and Certificate of Completion.

We would recommend, after the disinfection application, you apply an antimicrobial surface coating, as liquid disinfectants only work when the surface is wet and at the point of disinfection.  

Using Electrostatic Technology, we will disinfect using a hospital-grade antiviral disinfectant to kill 99.99% of pathogens, to ensure a complete surface disinfection. We will then apply a preventative,
60 day antimicrobial surface coating,using Electrostatic technology. 
This Electrostatic technology will create a 3-D effect resulting in 360-degree surface coverage -

We can provide 'before and after' test swabs - verifying our application has been successful,  Certificate of Completion, Awareness Stickers and Safer Space Accreditation.

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Research and science shows that ozone can be the most effective way to reduce the presence of bacteria and leave items cleaner than before. This method is often used in locations that need to be kept entirely sanitary, like hospitals and other medical facilities, because of its high level of success in eliminating bacteria.Ozone is an activated version of the oxygen that occurs naturally all around us. A charge of electricity is needed to transform regular oxygen into this more potent version of itself. When ozone meets a bacteria cell, it causes the cell to rupture and die through a natural reaction called an oxidative burst. This burst causes damage to the cell wall and makes it impossible for the bacteria to stay intact. Ozone cleans faster than some of the cleaning agents that are popularly used, like chlorine or bleach, and leaves the area completely sanitized. In fact, ozone is known as the world’s second most effective cleaning agent and preferred by many facilities that must eliminate bacteria to stay operational.




Have we progressed from the white-gloved finger test?  In reality, we rely almost entirely on visual assessment. 

A positive influence of the Covid-19 pandemic is the increase in the awareness of cleanliness in both residential and business premises - taking disinfection and sanitising mainstream. Our monitoring service will provide you with a report of all the surfaces monitored, to help you determine if your cleaning efforts are effective.  We will take 10 swabs of your facility to track cleaning efforts and verify specific areas have been properly cleaned, including high touch areas of the building. This is a stand-alone, independent service and a larger scale than the ATP testing in our Electrostatic Process.


Independent Cleaning & Hygiene Verification & Monitoring Audit

Surfaces may look and smell clean, but how would you know if they were contaminated with germs and bacteria?

Cleaning and hygiene verification provides accurate and meaningful results that can help a workplace define and monitor a cleaning standard to make sure that standard is maintained. 


The value of practicing good hygiene and cleaning is a practice not a project.  

Each workplace facility should have a strategy in place to assist and maintain very high levels of cleaning and hygiene standards.  Monitoring these accepted standards of cleanliness can be achieved through regular and consistent indpendnent auditing.


Our Independent technical auditing, using hygiene monitoring systems can measure the levels of bioburden in the environment are an ideal way to evidence the levels of cleanliness currently being achieved. The ATP hygiene monitoring systems provides an accurate, fast (within 10-15 seconds), repeatable and reliable audit process.  

  • It uses a process which monitors levels of  ATP Bioluminescence  (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate which is the universal energy carrier in all living things)

  • It simply measures levels of contamination on surfaces (both environmental and equipment) to give a basic indicator of cleanliness

  • It’s a simple rapid test giving a result in 10-15 seconds that can be used by anyone at the point of use / point of care

  • It provides a direct, objective measurement to verify cleanliness

  • The system is well proven and has been established for >30 years in several industries e.g. catering and healthcare

Audit test results will be uploaded, by location to our 'data analysis' software. This software will

  • Track test results

  • Quickly identify problem areas and confirm corrective actions were taken, anticipate fail results and react to contamination sooner

  • Analyze sanitation effectiveness

  • Automatically generate reports

  • Maintain records for audit compliance

  • Facilitate continuous improvement 

  • Keep for 12 months from the time of the test

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