At Oxytise PiD everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and not to be disadvantaged in any way as a result of their age, creed, disability, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or any other direct or indirect personal characteristic.

We are committed to the equal treatment of all people working within Oxytiseand to those applying to join us. Equality of opportunity is seen as an integral part of our working lives. To this end all our people share an equal obligation to their colleagues, customers and business partners to provide a safe, fair and equitable working environment in which every individual can seek, obtain and continue employment without experiencing any form of positive or negative discrimination or harassment. It is possible that discrimination is present in any large organisation, however the Company seeks to do all it can to eradicate it.

We believe that special efforts are required to prevent discrimination and to eliminate it from our workplace and we will make a determined and sustained effort to support this belief. We need to meet this challenge in a constructive and positive way, but violations will be handled appropriately and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

We believe that our policy and practice are a means of maximising individual’s contribution to the business and are in the employees’ best interests.

The Company will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or less favourable treatment (including refusal to provide a service) to any employee, prospective employee, customer, client or member of the public because of any protected characteristic by any of its employees. Any person (s) found to be in breach of this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal from the Company.

We recognise our responsibility to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the business premises and working arrangements for disabled job applicants and employees, and employees who become disabled during the course of their employment.


This Policy covers all aspects of employment including; recruitment, pay and benefits, leave and flexible working arrangements, dress codes, availability of facilities, training and development, promotion and transfer, grievance and disciplinary issues, and treatment of employees when their contract ends.

Employment without Prejudice

The Company will continue to treat all its employees and applicants for jobs equally. Legislation makes it unlawful to discriminate against a person directly or indirectly in the area of employment in respect of age, creed, disability, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic. The Company is committed not only to comply with the law, but also to the promotion of equality of opportunity in all fields - the operation of recruitment, employment, training and promotion for all individuals will be on the basis of job requirement and the individual’s ability and competencies.

Equal Pay

The Company will ensure that all employees who carry out similar work or work of equal value are treated equally with regard to pay and other benefits, regardless of any protected characteristics such as sex or disability.

Disabled People

At Oxytise we recognise the need to treat people with disabilities fairly and equally.

Full and fair consideration is given to applications for employment from people with a disability or protected characteristic.

All applicants called for interview are asked whether they need any special facilities or assistance.

Whenever possible, the employment of a person who has become disabled is continued and appropriate reasonable workplace adjustments, training and opportunities for career development and promotion are provided.


Oxytise requires all individuals to respect and support their work colleagues, business partners, customers and visitors and will not tolerate any behaviour that may be considered as harassment or victimisation.

The Company is committed to promoting a good and harmonious working environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and in which no one feels threatened or intimidated because of their age, religious beliefs, political opinion, sex, marital status, disability or race. The Company is committed to providing a working environment that allows individuals to contribute effectively to the Company’s goals and objectives.

Personal Responsibility

All employees have personal responsibility for the practical application of this policy and to help ensure a working environment in which the dignity of all people is respected. Everyone must ensure that their behaviour to colleagues and customers does not cause offence and could not be in any way considered to be harassment.

Such responsibilities fall especially on managers to make every effort to ensure that harassment does not occur and if harassment does occur to deal effectively with the situation. Managers will be given appropriate training.

Overall responsibility for monitoring the policy rests with the owner.

The Company makes the policy known to all employees and job applicants and makes clear its commitment to equal opportunities in advertisements and recruitment documents. This policy and the operation of it will be regularly reviewed.

The Company is committed to maintaining a good and harmonious working environment for all employees, that is, an environment free from any display or allegiance, which might give offence or cause apprehension to any individual or any group of employees.


Recruitment and Selection Procedures

The Company’s recruitment and selection procedures, outlined below, are designed to ensure a consistent approach that will provide equality of opportunity and be seen to be fair by all employees and job applicants. Selection will be on the basis of merit, that is, ability to do the job.

(a)        The Company uses role profiles for each vacancy, which outline the key requirements and competencies of the role.

(b)        The Company will advertise vacancies for new entrants publicly either through newspapers, the job markets or elsewhere. All vacancy advertising will be worded in a non discriminatory manner and person specifications. The advertisement will be designed to ensure that suitably qualified persons from all sections of the community are aware of opportunities with the Company.

(c)        The Company will accept applications from abroad from suitable qualified applicants if they possess equivalent to UK qualifications. 

(d)        Where appropriate applicants are required to complete an application form.

(e)        The Company will carry out all necessary checks to ensure an applicant’s eligibility to work in the UK, preferably at the end of the selection process to prevent potential discrimination.

(f)        Short listing for interview for any post is based upon job-related criteria, which are systematically applied. Where appropriate, job-related skill tests are administered to candidates.

(g)        Interviews will be structured in such a way as to assess the candidates’ attributes in relation to those factors considered relevant to the vacancies.

(h)        Assessments and decisions are made once the application form, any supporting documentation and references have been evaluated. All application forms and related documents will be retained for a period of 3 months.

Regarding (b) and (c) above, certain senior posts within the Company are dealt with by direct approach or through recruitment consultants, whilst still observing the spirit of this policy.


An employee who believes that he or she may have been subject to any kind of harassment or unfairly discriminated against should use the Company’s Grievance Procedure.



Our policies are reviewed annually to ensure they provide equality of opportunity in recruitment, selection, promotion and training. As part of policy reviews the company will consult with representatives, to obtain feedback on the success or failure of the policy in preventing discrimination and promoting a harmonious environment.  Representatives may be employees, recognised trade unions, and any other workplace representatives.


This Policy will be placed in the Client/Contract specific Contract Manual and will be available for all employees, customers and clients to reference at all times. 

For and on behalf of Oxytise PiD


G G Lyall



Reviewed 03-2020