Cleaning & Hygiene Consultancy 

Cleaning & Hygiene Consultancy

Our cleaning and hygiene consultants are industry experts and have a wealth of 'hands-on' experience to draw upon and advise you on all aspects of your cleaning, hygiene service issues.  

We have a refreshingly different approach, providing you with a systematic analysis of your hygiene and cleaning protocols, be they-in-house (self-delivered), or outsourced.

Why use a Consultant?

Cleaning and hygiene services are very different from 'hard FM' services and require a different management approach.  Oxytise provides consultancy support and guidance to non-cleaning, hygiene professionals, who are technically competent FMs but struggle with these soft services.

As the nature of contracting develops managers and staff with little if any knowledge of cleaning and facilities management are faced with increased responsibility in these areas.  Cleaning and hygiene is a complex process and is often not understood to be the essential process it should be.

Sourcing, awarding, and managing contracts for the provision of cleaning, hygiene soft services are an important part of an organisations’ operation.  

It’s not just about cost efficiency or reducing bought-in cost, or outsourcing the operation, it’s about creating an operational structure fit for purpose now and flexible for the future.  Our cleaning and hygiene experts will work along side you to deliver and implement best practice procedures to improve standards and outstanding consistent service delivery and help streamline your cleaning and hygiene function. 

Our approach is quite different from others; down to earth, jargon-free . We work with cleaning and FM suppliers to assist in developing their capabilities in tendering for contracts, working with client organisations to an agreed quality of standard and specifications. 
We listen to our clients; seek a clear understanding of what each client wants to achieve, their goals and aspirations so that we deliver and surpass our clients' expectations and at the same time build the rapport between clients and provider.


We know there isn't a "one size fits all" template and we start every time with a blank page. The emphasis is always on ensuring the best value and uncompromising quality at every stage of the process.