Inspected for Cleanliness & Hygiene Safety

Ensure your cleaning program is effective and give your customers the confidence through a third-party inspection that your facility is clean & safe.

Oxytise will come into your Shopping Centre,
Office Building, Shopping Centre, Restaurant, Hotel, Hospital, Medical Centre or University and will provide Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Cleaning Audits.

Confidence Audits

Oxytise PiD  can help provide your staff, customers and visitors with the confidence that your cleaning and disinfecting programme is working effectively.  Taking advantage of Oxytise’ s 30 plus years of experience performing independent cleaning audits across the UK, your organisation will be able to advertise to your customers that:

  1. Your organisation is cleaning and disinfecting your facility using industry best practice techniques

  2. Your organisation is dedicated to the safety and health of it's employees, customers and visitors through the hiring of an independent third party company to ensure that this work is being done and continues to be done properly.


Oxytise has clients in many sectors, including, healthcare, education, hospitality and leisure and of course the commercial field that currently count on us to give them the confidence that their facilities are clean and safe.

Inspected for Cleanliness Safety Window Stickers

Oxytise provides our confidence auditing clients with window stickers that state “inspected for cleanliness safety”. To achieve this designation, Oxytise will need to work closely with your cleaning team or contractors to ensure that the cleaning techniques they utilise achieve the high standards of cleanliness and disinfection we expect.  We will perform a number of 'cleaning inspections' during random and unannounced visits to the facility.  This will ensure that the cleaners continue to provide a continuous high level of service and not just for a pre planned visit. 


Having successfully passed the inspection's and we are confident the cleaners are achieving the correct results. we will issue the Oxytise window and the SAFER PLACE sticker. 

Visual Audits & ATP Audits

Oxytise’ s confidence audits utilise a combination of the industry best practice visual auditing system and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) audits.  Specifically, visual auditing entails our auditors conducting a visual assessment utilising a flashlight, mirror, and wet wipes.

The ATP audits involve our auditors swabbing a predetermined number of frequently touched surfaces and placing each swab into a luminometer which then provides an objective score that determines whether the surface was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected or whether the surface requires more attention. The luminometer generates each score within 10-15 seconds

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Please call or email Oxytise PiD today to quickly and easily design a confidence auditing program that is best suited for your particular facility. Not only will you be able to improve your bottom line by giving your customers that extra confidence they need to return to your facility, you will also be giving your employees, customers and visitors the confidence and safety they deserve while ensuring you are getting exactly what you pay for from your cleaners.