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Make your budget count with Oxytise

Providing a valuable cleaning strategy and helping to raise your hygiene and cleanliness quality score is Oxytise's primary concern. Through every step of our working relationship, Oxytise strives to provide you with in-depth knowledge and insightful strategy. This gives you a solid foundation to help you reach of a cleaner, healthier working environment, all while ensuring you are achieving maximum value for your cleaning pound.

Here are 5 ways that Oxytise PiD delivers value to you:

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1. Return on Investment

Our job is to make sure that what you spend on cleaning services goes the extra mile. When you receive a hygiene and cleaning audit from Oxytise, you are not only dealing with the current cleaning issues within your facility, you are averting future issues. This level of authoritative knowledge gives you tremendous insight into your housekeeping and cleaning budget spend.

2. Prevention

Oxytise hygiene auditors are experts at identifying current problems, analysing why they are happening, and providing ways to reduce and eventually eliminate their occurrences. However, the best way to keep an area clean and safe is through preventative measures. We will work with you to reap the rewards of preventative cleanliness management. Through better prevention measures, you are reducing the possibility of an outbreak incident at your facility, giving you additional peace of mind.


3. Reassurance

Our hygiene auditors are professionals. They have been specially trained to identify, report and help to resolve many different aspects of housekeeping and cleanliness performance. Our software and training makes it easy to keep staff accountable for any issues while motivating them to reach success .


Our company embraces technology to increase effectiveness and use data to deliver better results. Using tablets and smartphones, both Westech auditors and internal auditors working in health care or another commercial setting can collect cleanliness outcomes accurately and quickly.

Any auditor can use Oxytise's cloud-based databases to anonymously benchmark performance against similar businesses. Web-based reports provide clients with easy and quick access to cleanliness assessments.

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5. Safety

When you choose Oxytise, you are choosing to offer safer surroundings for staff, customers and anyone else that visits your organisation. Safety is a top concern for us, and our methods always keep it a priority.