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ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is a proven infection prevention system for auditing cleanliness on any cleanable surface.
Cleanliness of your environment and equipment is an essential part of any infection prevention and control plan and plays a vital role in the prevention and spread of infection.  Every facility should have a strategy in place to assist with, and maintain, the highest levels of hygiene and cleaning.

The intervention of an expert independent cleaning and hygiene audit can reduce the day to day arbitration requirement between the service provider and the client, helping ensure contractual requirements are being maintained and the correct cleaning/hygiene protocols are in place.  Cleaning and hygiene audits and services associated with these services require a specialist level of technical competence. 

Oxytise have over 30 years support services knowledge and expertise gained from working in; Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems, P & O Group, Compass Group, BAA, Rentokil & Initial and providing services to all sectors, including,

Healthcare: NHS & private hospitals, dentists and medical centres

Education: private schools (day and boarding) and colleges & universities

Hospitality: hotels, private jets, catering, housekeeping, leisure, iconic tourist attractions, entertainment venues

Government: army garrisons, naval stations, training establishments and government departments

Retail: supermarkets, shopping malls, high street stores, out of town outlets

The audit process will be delivered using our own systems and tools and audits will include;

Swab Testing and Reports

Defining cleaning standards and cleaning specifications
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Monitoring these accepted standards of cleanliness can be achieved through a regular and consistent auditing programme. Technical auditing such as: ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) hygiene monitoring systems measure the levels of bioburden in the environment and are an ideal way to evidence the current level of cleanliness. The ATP hygiene monitoring systems provide an accurate, repeatable and reliable audit process. While many other methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, ATP bioluminescence is the only method that combines both quantitative data collection with scientific measurement and delivers results in 10-15 seconds!

Effective Cleaning Makes Sense - By providing a clean, safe environment for employees, guests and members of the general public you are delivering that all-important first impression, providing confidence in your facility, giving peace of mind to employees and visitors, as well as instilling good housekeeping practices and values. This helps differentiate you from others and gains you a distinct competitive advantage.

It Makes Financial Sense - Absenteeism costs the average UK business £554 per employee per annum,
yet cleaning is often treated as a burdensome add-on cost and given very little attention or consideration.  75% of cleaning cost is labour, so getting it 'Right First Time' is very important in delivering a safe, cost-effective service to ensure value for money.
In this current environment, everyone with responsibility for the hygiene and cleaning of their work environment should be asking ' How effective is our cleaning team'? 'Who is doing the real Measurement and Control'?
There can be no control without measurement, as results from measurements provide evidence and a basis for continuous improvement.   Measurements need to be appropriate to the cleaning task and give objective results.
Have we progressed from the white-gloved finger test? 
In reality, we rely almost entirely on visual assessment.  Cleaning manuals define 'clean' as being 'clean to the touch and free of extraneous visible matter and objectionable odour', which is a weak definition and very subjective! 
This is not a quantitative measure of cleanliness and it lacks objective resulting in poor quality management information.
The visual assessment gives the impression of being clean ...
when in truth it's actually not!



ATP Testing & Audits

ATP, also known as Adenosine Triphosphate, exists in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. Since it exists in all organic material, most foods and microbial cells will contain some level of naturally occurring ATP.  Luminometers, used with ATP swabs, use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The existence of ATP on a surface signifies improper cleaning and the existence of contamination, including bacteria, allergens and food residue.

ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies. This enzyme, called Luciferase, produces a simple bioluminescence (lightproducing) reaction when it comes into contact with ATP. Using bioluminescence technology, our ATP Meters can measure extremely low levels of ATP collected with testing devices. Measuring the amount of bioluminescence from an ATP reaction provides an excellent indication of surface cleanliness because the quantity of light generated by the reaction is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present in the sample.

Adenosine Triphosphate Hygiene Monitoring Systems (ATP Swab Testing)

The ATP monitor is a cutting edge, laboratory-style, cleaning verification device that enables us to know, in as little as 10 -15 seconds, if a surface has been cleaned correctly. 

Until recently, ATP was predominantly used in food and beverage processing plants, as an indicator of surface cleanliness. 

A positive influence of the Covid-19 pandemic is the increase in the awareness of cleanliness in both residential and business premises - taking disinfection and sanitising mainstream.


Our Monitoring system ensures that ATP presence has been eliminated or has been minimized by your chosen disinfection procedure. The benefit of ATP monitoring is first and foremost to help prevent cross-contamination and verify compliance with your cleaning protocol, but we are also able to evaluate the effectiveness of your sanitisers and disinfectants and the performance of your cleaning and housekeeping staff. 

As part of our service, we will provide a Certificate of Completion and 'Awareness' window/door stickers to evidence the measures you have taken to safeguard your employees and visitors and protect your business reputation.

On-Site Audit of Infection Control & Cleaning
with ATP Swabbing (includes 10 swabs)

One of our Infection Control Technicians will visit, assess your critical areas and suggest the most appropriate areas for swabbing.   

Our ATP monitoring service will provide you with a report of all the surfaces monitored, with all relevant references, to help you determine if your cleaning efforts are effective.
The test results will inform of any areas of improvement.  We will take 10 swabs of your facility to track cleaning efforts and verify specific areas have been properly cleaned including high touch areas of the building, common areas, dining rooms, washrooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, offices etc.  We will also take swabs to verify hand washing and hygiene protocols are effective.

While methods to clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment vary, the need to measure the effectiveness of cleaning practices is universal. Contaminated surfaces and equipment can quickly lead to microbial contamination and, ultimately, the infection of your employees and the public. 

ATP cleaning verification provides accurate and meaningful results to help define and monitor a cleaning standard ensuring effective cleaning is maintained.  

Track, Trend &  Analyse 

From our specially designed software,  we will provide your management team with the information to track cleaning verification results, quickly identify problem areas, compare multiple facilities and areas and generate detailed reports.

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