OXYTISE PiD achieves its Safer Space Accreditation

Press Release - August 2020

The accreditation is an annual assessment of processes carried out at a facility and means that the contractor delivering the acccreditation has been through the most robust processes of training, having passed an audit on how they use the latest techniques to sanitise a building. 


Oxytise PiD has gained its accreditation for Safer Space, the UK cleaning sector's premier certification for contractors who are committed to delivering the highest of standards of cleaning and hygiene.


Safer Space was established in 2018 in response to the lack of formal standard by which facilities managers could judge the competence of their cleaning contractor.  Achieving Safer Space certification means that the contractor has been trained and assessed in the use of specialist sanitisation techniques, including the correct use of electrostatic sprayer technology.


Ongoing - and in order to maintain the accreditation - contractors are assessed annually to ensure they possess the most up to date knowledge and continue to comply with best practice.


Only certified contractors are authorised to issue site specific accreditation that a building is "Safer Space".  In all other circumstances, Safer Space will need to randomly attend and assess a site to ensure the effectiveness of the work being carried out.  All these processes are being challenged by an independent advisory board of industry market place experts.

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