Safer Space® is the UK Cleaning Sector’s Premier Accreditation for Sanitisation

The electrostatic technology & associated procedures, ozone generators, disinfectant and antimicrobial protocols of Oxytise PiD have been reviewed and Approved as Safer Space® delivery devices.

Used regularly as part of your overall cleaning and sanitising process the use of these ozone generators ensures that the spaces they are used in meet and exceed the standards needed to ensure the space can be considered and recognised as an Accredited Safer Space®.

If you are using an Ozone Clean ozone generator, it will enable you to use the Safer Space® branding to visibly promote your continued commitment and improvement to the safety and health and wellbeing of staff and clients alike.

As a summary: –

Safer Space® Overview


Safer Space® is the UK Cleaning Sector’s premier Accreditation for sanitisation and is committed to delivering the highest standards of cleaning, hygiene, and sanitisation.

Our Technicians and users of the Oxytise PiD generators /electrostatic technology will not need initial or annual training as you are already familiar with the correct processes, however, additional training will be available should you want it on sanitisation, processes, and new techniques.

However, in general the Safer Space® Accreditation is achieved through an annual assessment of the implemented processes undertaken at a facility. The Safer Space® Accreditation demonstrates that cleaning operatives have successfully completed a robust process of training, fully understand the importance of hygiene and sanitisation, passed an audit process on how they use the latest techniques and products to safely and efficiently sanitise designated spaces to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Safer Space® was established in 2018 with two of the founders being British Cleaning Council Board Member Philip Morrish and Cleaning Industry standards campaigner Roy Winters, in response to the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance and lack of a formal standard by which facility managers and stakeholders could evaluate the effectiveness of their cleaning processes. Achieving Safer Space® Accreditation means that certified cleaning operatives have been trained and assessed in the use of specialist sanitisation techniques including the correct use of sanitising technologies.

Certified cleaning operatives are assessed annually to ensure that they have the most up to date sanitisation knowledge and comply with best practice.

Safer Space® will randomly attend and assess a site to ensure the effectiveness of the processes being carried out.

All the Safer Space® processes are challenged by an independent advisory board of pandemic, industry, and marketplace experts.

The cost of the Safer Space® Accreditation is normally charged per space annually, however, because of your increased costs associated with Covid-19, and the fact you are using a Safer Space® Approved delivery device operated by a trained operative we will be deferring charging until a future date.

So, what are the advantages to you: –

  • Be allowed to use the  ‘Safer Space®’ brand according to a set of rules in a way beneficial for you.

  • Visually demonstrate that you care about the health and wellbeing of all your stakeholders, e.g., employees, customers, and visitors.

  • Demonstrates innovation, and market leadership

  • Accreditation costs are currently free to you, in leu of a case study.

Safer Space® with Ozone Clean and yourself are Creating Healthier Environments.

For more information on the Safer Space® Accreditation or any aspects of sanitisation please contact Safer Space® on: –

Telephone: 020 3239 8994

Or the Team at Oxytise PiD on 08443 575 125