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Ozone technology is being utilised around the world to address the urgent need for viable, safe disinfectants to protect the public – now and in the future.
We offer the ability to safely clean most inside areas with the use of an Ozone Generator.
With built-in destruct capability; it will destroy any residual ozone so that the treated area is safe to reoccupy as soon as the cycle time has finished.

Hotel Room with Pillows

Hotels, Aparthotels, Serviced Accommondation, Guest Houses etc

Hotels, guest houses, holiday lets, cottages etc, suffering from stale lingering, unpleasant odours, such as sweat, mustiness, tobacco and cigarette smoke, cooking, pet odours etc. Ozone is able to purify the air and, therefore, remove odours. 

It could be a car, cabinet, fridge, or your living room, an Ozone generator is capable of removing odors and purifying the air, eliminating microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria.

Ozone is the solution to the common problem of bacteria, lice, bed bugs, allergens and smells in bedding. It automatically and safely sterilises mattresses, leaving no stains and smelling as if its brand new.

Brand New Kitchen

Individuals and Households

You're selling a house, apartment, car and you want a new buyer to enter into a clean and refreshed interior devoid of unpleasant odours.

You've bought a house, apartment, or car, but you pick up on certain smells, such as tobacco smoke, mustiness, etc. Ozone can eliminate these too

You've finished renovating a house or apartment and there remain traces of various odours, such as paint, varnishes, solvents, etc.

You want to remove surrounding excess smells of bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, mold, dust mites and all other microorganisms

Open Livingroom

Retail Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Cafe's, etc

Shops, bars, restaurants, or cafes, where the presence of pathogens and bad smells can be a detriment to business.

Particularly so within the public communication sector as it is necessary to intend to periodically decontaminate transport spaces of public transportation as well as offices.

Dentist Office

Public Centres, Libraries, Medical, Dental, Veterinarian Practices etc

Running a private medical practice, dentist, or veterinary clinic, where it is imperative you take care to reduce the risk of infection.


Modern Library

Educational Establishments, Nurseries, Children's Play Centres etc.

Educational institutions, such as nurseries - a hotbed of bacteria - as well as schools, colleges and universities.

getting mani

Spa's, Hairdressers, Barbers, Nail Bars, Saunas, Pool Areas etc

Spas, cosmetic salons, or barbershops, where you want to get rid of unpleasant odours, fungi, and bacteria from areas such as saunas, steam baths, massage and treatment rooms or others.

Companies and Serviced Spaces etc

You are the owner of the office and want to ensure the safety and health of employees through the elimination of bacteria and other pathogens and unpleasant odours.

Manage office building or other structures which contains smoking areas and plan periodically alleviate the burdensome smell of smoke

White boardroom

Public Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Taxies, Motorhomes, Private Cars etc 

Getting rid of that stinky smell in your car may seem impossible if you keep trying the usual methods. This is because some odour emanates from areas that are hard to reach using standard odour removal methods.

Ozone treatment is an advanced method of odour removal that eliminates any smells from your car no matter the source. It does this by killing the bacteria and mould causing the stench.

Ozone treatment requires a certain level of expertise for optimal results. Contact us to schedule an appointment for the only odour removal services in Scotland.


  • Increases your car’s resale value – bad odour can lower your car’s value

  • Leaves no harmful traces in your vehicle – Ozone dissipates to regular oxygen after a while

  • It ensures the total elimination of odour in your car

  • Destroys microbes that cause odour including mould and mildew

  • Reaches hard to clean places and removes stench and mould

  • Safe for people with allergies as it leaves no allergens in your car


Fire, Flood Restoration, Animal/Human Body Decay etc

The benefits of using ozone for fire restoration work are fantastic. The length of a fire determines the severity of the smell, which in turn will dictate the amount of time needed for treatment. Smoke odour molecules that infiltrate all porous surfaces can be permanently removed by ozone gas. Additionally, only Ozone will work on the most stubborn of all said molecules, that being protein. Smells associated with dead bodies, and other forms of decay, like freezer failure, have long resisted normal chemical deodorizing attempts. This is where Ozone again has the potency to neutralize even these contaminants.

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