Get educated about good indoor air quality in schools and universities.  Help students improve their cognitive performance, essential for successful learning, with good indoor air quality.

Reading, writing, arithmetic – and good indoor air quality.

Remove school smells, classroom and laboratory odours at their source with ozone.

Our wide range of ozone generators eliminates school odours. This results in a fresh smelling facility and a much better learning environment.

Schools and classrooms develop odours as a result of being used for extended periods by a variety of occupants. Even after rooms have been gone through by the janitorial staff, stubborn odours can linger and be difficult to remove. A residual odour can call into question whether the room has been properly prepared by the staff.

Ozone generators can help you achieve the best conditions for learning and productivity – and have a positive impact on achievement and performance inside these critical institutions.

The benefits of good indoor and air quality in educational facilities.

  • Reduces absenteeism for students and staff

  • Prevents strained relationships resulting from poor indoor air quality

  • Promotes healthy environments for people with allergies and asthma

  • Reduces liabilities

  • Most importantly, helps to protect students – one of our most important investments in the future