With CuGrip we are aiming to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria transferred through high-touch surfaces with our adhesive copper wraps.


We are introducing three 'Tester' Packs in the UK - Starter, Value and Pro Pack 

If you wish to place a larger order or if you have a specific size requirement please contact us at info@oxytise.com , where we will be delighted to assist. 


We hope our wraps will be a great addition to the measures organisations are taking to keep you and your loved ones healthy. 

CuGrip Variety 'Tester' Starter Pack

  • Starter Pack 

    Tapered Wraps - 6
    Short Wraps - 4
    Medium Wraps - 3
    Long Wraps - 2

    Value Pack 

    Tapered Wraps - 6
    Short Wraps - 8
    Medium Wraps - 6
    Long Wraps - 6

    Pro Pack 

    Tapered Wraps - 12
    Short Wraps - 12
    Medium Wraps - 12
    Long Wraps - 12



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