The AVATAR system The efficiency of the AVATAR system applied to domestic use, thanks to its exclusive, patented O3 zone technology, has led to the project being developed in other more professional channels and areas, with different needs and requirements, for a highly varied sector, towards ECOfriendly, healthy cleaning and disinfection. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, laundries, spas, gyms and other businesses are now benefiting from this technology.


The Avatar is an eco-friendly product with multiple applications. It is easily connected to the washing machine, bathroom or kitchen, supplying running water with O3zone and giving exceptional results. Because of the two water outlets of Avatar, it can also be used as a dispenser to clean and disinfect raw food, floors, glass, worktops and surfaces in general. It can also be used for watering or outdoor cleaning of vehicles, for example. O3zone generated by Avatar, softens running water from the mains, discomposes dirt and disinfects 99.9%* the bacterial of any material and surface, including human skin and pets. To do this, Avatar uses a magnetizer as a pre-filter to change the molecular structure of the water, creating advanced oxidants. Additionally, it does not store water, which means that it both purifies and uses water to avoid second contamination owing to storage. Avatar can work with hot water up to 50º and has three levels of ozone; high level (100%), low level (50%) and a non-ozone level (0%). These are controlled by the touch button on the right-hand side of the machine.


Avatar carries out the following main functions:

> Sterilizes, disinfects, degreases and deodorizes.

> Decontaminates and purifies.

> Cleans and softens.

> Saves energy and protects the environment.

> Consumes in an intelligent and reduced manner


  • Package contents You will find the following articles in the product box: - Avatar - User Manual

    - Mounting bracket

    - Power adaptor

    - 1 hose

    - Assembly screws and plugs (no.6)