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We provide scientific solutions for your peace of mind

In today’s 'new-world', cleanliness and hygiene have never been so important. Households and businesses alike are having to face a new reality. 

Never before has the scrutiny on hygiene and cleaning been at such a high level, higher than any of us will have experienced before.

We understand that customers are continually challenged with a lack of modern solutions due to old technologies still being sold. Our team is committed to introducing original products and programmes so that our customers maintain a proactive business environment.

The power of ozone water allows business and households alike to completely eliminate viruses and bacteria in almost every setting more effectively, faster, and safer than chemicals.

The AVATAR Revolution

The AVATAR launched in 2020 - This revolutionary ozone water device will change the way people and businesses think of clean - a new safer, more effective, and cost-conscious way to clean, sterilize and sanitize your environment.

Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, ecologically healthy, and practical.

An eco-sustainable solution for chemical-free cleaning and disinfecting your business and home, while saving water, eco-friendly to the environment, and avoids the use of harmful products.

Patented Technology

Ozone water generated by the AVATAR is softer than regular tap water, breaks down dirt and disinfects germs, viruses, and bacteria, from any material or surface by 99.9%*, including human and pet skin.

To do this the AVATAR uses a magnetizer as a pre-filter to change the molecular structure of water and create an advanced oxidant – completely safe, and completely chemical-free.

Water is not stored, which means it purifies and uses water at the same time to avoid further contamination by storage.

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