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Improve Cleaning,
One Step at a Time

We have fine-tuned the way we help our clients with the standardisation of our processes and benchmarking. Our three-step process ensures that each of the organizations we work with receives thorough analysis, reporting, and recommendations for improvement.

About Our Hygiene and Cleaning Auditors - Our Most Important Asset

From the beginning of our selection process, through the course of training, our auditors go through a number of rigorous practices, including the SAFER SPACE  training programme, before they are sent into the field. This prepares them to perform the efficient and detailed audits needed to carry out our consulting process.

We pride ourselves on having professional staff who carry out their duties with industry-leading competency levels and unparalleled customer service.



Step 1: Cleanliness Audits & Strategic Recommendations

The first step in our auditing programme is to visit your facility with our team to perform a baseline cleaning audit so that we can let you know exactly how your facility compares to other facilities.

Armed with self-collected, unbiased data and comparable benchmarks, Oxytise auditors can provide insightful and relevant recommendations that lead to overall improvements in cleaning performance. This includes the identification of bacterial hot spots and other ways to increase monthly assessment scores.  Oxytise reports give a snapshot of current performance and provide detailed corrective action follow up points.

Following the initial audit, we will also provide you with a proposal on what we recommend for your facility so that you can perform cleaning audits internally or hire us to perform your cleaning audits on a monthly or quarterly basis. Y ou could also choose a combination of both, where you perform audits and Oxytise comes in periodically to monitor the internal audit process.

Step 2: Implementing the Cleaning Audit Programme at Your Facility

Oxytise offers control and transparency.  When implementing our industry-leading Cleaning Auditing Program, we provide you with the three key elements that will ensure that both your facility cleaning will improve and that you’ll have measurable evidence of t hose results.

The 3 key elements that form the foundation of our program are:


  • Implementing our web-based software software - results held for 12 months 

  • Providing our industry-leading auditing standards, which are directly tied to the cleaning outcome standards and integrated with our auditing technology; and 

  • Providing your staff with cleaning audit certification training, ensuring that after we leave your premises, your team is 100% on board with Oxytise standards.

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Step 3: Ongoing Performance Evaluation

Following Step 2, where we implement the audit system,  Oxytise auditors return to your facility, to evaluate cleanliness and provide indications of your operational progress. This follow-up helps verify your own internal auditing programme or, if you prefer not to have an internal programme  Oxytise can provide this service for you.

Our third-party auditing accountability guarantees that you will know exactly how clean your facility is.  Organisations can monitor their progress and continue to make improvements to their cleaning protocols.

Contact us today for more information on our services for:

  • Productivity management for the housekeeping department

  • Patient-led assessment system for Health Care

  • Contract management system for managing contract cleaning companies

  • Customer satisfaction system

  • Coaching Training