Once a cleaning system has been validated, verification methods can be used on a routine basis. Our independent cleaning and hygiene verification and monitoring audit are designed to routinely measure the control and consistency of an existing validated cleaning procedure.

Validating your cleaning process 

Based on our definition above, validation is the science.

The key thing that we need to understand and know is “Will our cleaning methods actually remove bacteria, dirt, grime, dust etc?”

The key components we need to validate include any cleaning chemicals used, the use of hot/cold water, and the method of implementation.


Once a cleaning procedure is validated, validation only needs to be repeated according to a schedule e.g. once every 12 months or if there any changes to the cleaning procedure or new products are being produced

Validation and verification of hygiene and cleaning?

Verifying your cleaning process

With any type of cleaning there needs to be some type of verification process in place. What this means is you need to:

  • Check that the cleaning has been completed

  • Check that the cleaning has been effective

To ensure areas are being cleaned correctly by the cleaning staff

  • To teach others how to clean correctly

  • To confirm the correct materials. disinfectant solutions etc are being    used and used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines 

  • To compile reporting data for management analysis

  • To get all cleaning staff to work to the same standards, using the same


  • To reward or punish with objective audit results instead of subjective


  • To increase the responsibility of the cleaning teams

  • To minimise cleaning complaints or claims from clients

  • To reduce employee absences from workplace illness

Good hygiene and cleanliness is essential - more today than ever before!

If you are unable to measure the performance - you cannot control the process.

Validation and verification of hygiene and cleaning should be in place - To consider  your hygiene and cleaning programme effective you must have verification measures in place.

The key differences are between verification and validation -


Validation = science (BEFORE)                                  Verification = checking (AFTER)